How do I know that? Because I'm the Psychic I was always looking for.

The one that was so tuned to your energy that you almost got the eery feeling that they had somehow set up a spy cam in your house. But at the same time kept everything real, relatable and down-to-earth without sprinkling unicorn glitter on every message.

The one that when you walked away you felt better than when you walked in, and had some actual usable information to work with.

you've been looking for!

I'm the Psychic

Hi, I'm Marie.

My approach to Readings is to give you the Reading I always wanted which was a Reading that was filled with genuine insights, clarity, and practical guidance.

Not a Reading peppered with spiritual buzzwords and phrases or Law of Attraction and New Age concepts that made me feel good in the moment but later left me with a lot of unanswered questions.

I've always had Psychic and Spiritual experiences. Despite once wishing they'd stop, I regularly did Tarot readings for friends and family since the age of 15.

In 2010, I was injured while Belly Dancing which impaired my ability to run my business. This event was the catalyst to step into working full-time as the Psychic-Medium I was always looking for! 

When I'm not doing Readings, I'm all about living a very human life—time with my fur-babies, Netflix binges, tackling house and garden projects, cooking adventures with my husband, and lots of Hot Yoga.


A Few of My Favourite Things!