A monthly subscription offering a unique and insightful journey into understanding the dominant energies influencing your life through Tarot combined with psychic messages.

These Readings are for existing businesses. They look out how well your Soul expression aligns with your business, products, services, marketing and more.

A range of Readings from 30 min Question & Answer Readings, Goals & Plans Readings to 45 minute and one            hour Psychic Readings.                       


Here's how we can work

There are no refunds for completed Readings.

what is your refund policy?


Credit card or Visa Debit payments are accepted when booking online. You'll be charged in New Zealand dollars.



Yes! Appointment reminders will be sent by email and text message if you have a mobile number connected in New Zealand.

will you send appointment reminders?


The meeting link will be in your Booking Confirmation email.

Where do I find the link to meet online for my appointment?


Visit the BOOK ONLINE tab to view all available appointments in your timezone.

how do i find out when your next available appointment is?


All Readings are one-on-one. Friends or family members are not permitted to sit in on Readings as having others present, either in the room or listening via other devices, negatively affects your Reading.

Can I have a friend or family member sit with me during my reading?


No, I don't provide readings regarding other individuals without their permission.

can i have a reading to get information about another person?


Yes. Your Reading will be digitally recorded and sent by email after your appointment.

do you provide a recording of my reading?


All my readings are online using Microsoft Teams APP video link.

what are the options for having a reading?


Frequently Asked Questions

Choose this Reading if you have  one, two or three questions you are seeking guidance about, or you can choose to go deep on one issue.
Please prepare a list of SPECIFIC questions to bring to your Reading.

1/2 hour 
Question and Answer Reading

Evaluate the energetic resonance of your goals/plans.
Annual readings assist clients in setting goals, with follow-ups for progress checks.

You will need to prepare a list of your goals/plans to discuss during this session.                                        

1/2 hour Reading Goals/Plans

Reveal patterns and blind spots that are impeding your progress.
Understand how your recent past brought you to your present situation. Look at where it is taking you in the future, and what the highest possibilities for your future are, looking ahead for a maximum of one year.

45 minute
Psychic Reading
(most popular)

Reveal patterns and blind spots that are impeding your progress.
Understand how your recent past brought you to your present situation.
Look at where it is taking you in the future, and what the highest possibilities for your future are, looking ahead for a maximum of one year.

One Hour
Psychic Reading 

Soul Aligned
Business Reading


Tired of chasing online trends and exhausting yourself with endless strategies? Embrace Soul Aligned Business Readings. Find harmony between your Soul's purpose and your business journey. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to fulfillment.

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Marie combines decades of experience reading Tarot with her Psychic ability to offer you a look at what the driving forces are shaping your experiences, advice, and guidance on where to put your energy and efforts in the present and a look at where that is taking you. Every week you’ll receive what can be likened to a series of mini-readings.


Clare G.

"​You’ve provided invaluable nuggets of information and guidance over the years and have felt that it comes from a place of authenticity and truth."


I have been getting readings from Marie for over a decade. It is truly incredible how insightful and accurate she is. She has helped me navigate life's ups and downs and has predicted many of the most important events in in my life. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Impressed is an understatement. Marie was able to pin point characteristics and traits unique to my dog which quite honestly stunned me. To know my dog is happy with everything on our side and in spirit has brought me a lot of peace after losing her. Marie's accuracy, honesty and empathy in her readings and in general has amazed me

Jeanette Weedon

Extremely relevant information provided by Marie. Professionalism excellent. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Kerry Lane

Such a lovely, uplifting and connected experience having a reading with Marie. The accuracy and clarity in the messages is like nothing else and I highly recommend Marie to anyone wanting guidance. Even the pieces of confirmation given like the exercise machine my friend gave me, and that I would receive a phone call asking for help within days- this happened within days ....... was so so good.

Nicola Mills

Marie was incredible. Right from the start and without telling her much she began saying things as if she knew me all my life. The whole experience was very eye opening. She didnt sugar coat anything and was very straight forward with the things that I have been doing to self sabotage, which was not what I was expecting to hear but absolutely what I needed to....

Marcela Cespedes

Marie is wonderful. I got a lot from her reading. She has a great sense of humour and makes you feel at ease. Thank you for clarifying things for me Marie.

Del Crothers

As always totally professional and eerily applicable to my life now and going forward. Marie enables the whole experience to be warm and comfortable. Simply can not speak highly enough you will not be disappointed. 

Robyn Fairley